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Do I Need a Hearing Test?

Have I got a hearing loss?

Not sure if you have a hearing loss, want a quick checkup
or just want to know your options? Attune offers a variety
of solutions to help you manage your hearing loss.

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Attune Workplace Services

Attune Workplace offers a national, comprehensive workplace service. 

Attune will manage your legal obligations whilst reducing hearing
related claims by promoting better hearing health.

•   Screening and Audiometric Testing (by Audiologists)
•   Noise Assessments
•   Education / Training
•   Hearing Protection

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Hearing aid styles 

to suit every hearing
loss and lifestyle!

•   Lyric - "The contact lense for your ear" (100% invisible)

•   Completely in Canal

•   In the Ear/ In the Canal

•   MicroBehind The Ear

•   Behind the Ear

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Attune offers a national Audiology service.

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Attune’s Medical

We are Australian, we are medically
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Lyric, the world’s first and only 100% invisible, 24/7 wearable, 

shower-proof, for months-at-a-time hearing device.